David Paul Lord


David Paul Lord began his water safety career as a lifeguard. Later, he went on to become a water safety instructor and trained other lifeguards. He was also the captain of his swim team and came within one half second of setting a state swimming record in the 50 yard freestyle. Additionally, went on to coach a swim team and took them from “worst to first” place in a single season. 

After obtaining his scuba certification in 1981, David attended The Ocean Corporation, where he trained to become a commercial diver. Curriculum included: underwater welding and burning, decompression chamber operations, rigging, surface supply diving, underwater physics, underwater physiology, operation planning, mixed gas diving, diving emergencies and saturation diving. Upon graduating, he was recruited  to join The Nuclear Dive Team, but he declined the offer opting to work offshore instead.

When his primary focus was working offshore, David spent an average of 6 hours a day in the water, 200 days a year, for 15 years and was part of several "never before done" jobs, including jobs for The U.S. Navy and the state of New York.

While working for dozens of commercial diving companies, David performed various diving operations from The Great Lakes to The Gulf of Mexico, and from Northern California to The Bahamas. His diving included Ship Husbandry, which entailed: hull cleaning, prop polishing, class surveys, damage surveys and repairs on ships, super tankers and ultra large crude carriers.

He also performed diving operations on oil rigs, pipe laying barges, salvage work, pipeline repair and replacement, oil rig riser removal and replacement, hot taps on pipelines, installation of subsea assemblies, dam inspections and repairs, bridge inspections and repairs, chemical plant repairs. Diving tasks included burning, water blasting, jetting down pipelines and multiple other responsibilities which included a 900 foot penetration of a pipeline. His sea stories include: shark attacks, losing air numerous times, even once at a depth of 167 feet, being lost in The Devil's Triangle and monsters of the deep being entangled in dive hoses. 

His personal references include: inductees in the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame, divers that trained astronauts at NASA, presidents of dive schools, presidents of Association of Diving Contractors, multiple special operations and U.S. Navy divers, as well as several Emmy Award-winning stunt coordinators.

David now works mostly as a Marine Coordinator / Stunt Coordinator / 2nd Unit Director and Stuntman, a business he has been in since 1980. He and his team have been responsible for the safety of over 100 people in the water at once. He has also been contracted  to coach actors of all ages and helped them become more comfortable in the water; whether it be while using scuba, performing difficult tasks in the water or simply helping them remain calm because they can't swim.

With more than 18,000 hours working underwater as a commercial diver he also shot over 200 underwater videos. David has taught hundreds of children how to swim (including ones with special needs), coached a swim team, taught scuba as well as instructed people how to roll whitewater kayaks. His current passion is instructing people with mental and physical disabilities how to scuba dive.

David Paul Lord is simply one of the most qualified Water Safety, Marine Coordinator and Underwater Rigger in the film business. 

Our Approach

We provide a safe, calm environment so you can capture the vision you have for the shot. That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?

Our team is pulled from the stunt community which gives us experience on sets and an eye for safety other water safety teams don't have, we also have a 100% safety record. 

Our boats, jet skies and even our scuba equipment is designed for the film business to promote efficiency and safety. 

We also offer underwater rigging and camera packages for pre-vis.




**Time Capsule Marine Coordinator

*KIA-Stunt Coordinator-Marine Coordinator (national commercial)

*Flordia Girls-Marine Coordinator
**Saving Zoe-Stunt Coordinator-Water Unit
**Paula Peril/Hidden City-Marine Coordinator-Water Unit

*Satisfaction-Marine Coordinator

**Blood Money-Marine Coordinator/ 2nd Unit Director
*Game of Silence-Marine Coordinator-Multiple Episodes
**A Little Mermaid-Marine Coordinator
**Shadow-Marine Coordinator
*When The Lights Go Out-Marine Coordinator
**Watson’s Go To Birmingham-Stunt Coordinator-Water Unit
*Red Road-Marine Coordinator-Multiple Episodes
*Fruit to Fruition-Stunt Coordinator-Water Unit
**Devil’s Knot-Stunt Coordinator-Fights
**Come On In We’re Dead~Stunt Coordinator-2nd Unit Director
**I Can Do Bad All By Myself-Stunt Coordinator-Fight
**Grifter-Stunt Coordinator- Fight
*Portia-Stunt Coordinator
*Contract Services-Stunt Coordinator-High Fall
*Viva Cantina-Stunt Coordinator- Full Body Burn
**Echo of a Distant Drum-Stunt Coordinator-Stunt Driving
*Being Mary Jane-Stunt Coordinator-Water
**Jekyll Island-Stunt Coordinator
*America’s Most Wanted-Stunt Coordinator-Multiple Episodes 

*Conoco Safety-Stunt Coordinator
**The Dangerous-Stunt Coordinator- Fights-Driving
*Rescue 911-Stunt Coordinator- Multiple Episodes
**Dark Angel-Stunt Coordinator-Fights
*America’s Funniest People-Stunt Coordinator-Body Burn
**The Neutralizer-Stunt Coordinator
*Dow Chemical-Stunt Coordinator
**Ninja Vengeance-Stunt Coordinator-Fights

*Crime Stoppers-Stunt Coordinator-Car Hit
**Ceremony-Stunt Coordinator-Fight
*Lack’s Furniture-Stunt Coordinator- Multiple Commercials
**In Reynoldstown-Stunt Coordinator-Fights
*Scaffolding Safety-Stunt Coordinator- Backwards High Fall
*Weekend-Stunt Coordinator-Fight
* Touch and Go -2nd unit director-Water Unit
*Men Without Pants-Stunt Coordinator-Body Burn
*22nd Annual Thrill Show Houston Astrodome-Stunt Coordinator-Buried Alive Escape
*Third Coast Comedy-Stunt Coordinator-Full Body Burn- Multiple Episodes 

*Prince’s Used Cars-Stunt Coordinator- Full Body Burn
*Stereo Warehouse-Stunt Coordinator- Full Body Burn
*Jacob’s Engineering-Stunt Coordinator-Body Burn
*Monster Truck Show-Stunt Coordinator-3 Pipe ramps-Unofficial World Record Full Body Burn 

Any Given Day-Stunt Coordinator-Car Hit
*Search for Houdini-Stunt Coordinator-Buried Alive Escape

*Tag Team-Stunt Coordinator-Fights
*Streets of America-Stunt Coordinator-Fights
*CMA-Stunt Coordinator- Multiple Commercials
*Fizz-Stunt Coordinator-Full Body Burn
*Dodge Ram Commercial-Stunt Coordinator-Driving
*Campbell and Eve-Stunt Coordinator
*Going Home-Director-Writer-Short Film
**Trois-Stunt Coordinator-Fight
*Piper-Stunt Coordinator


Ozark- Water Safety

*Insatiable Fight w/lead

*Dwight In Shining Armor- Multiple Episodes/Water Safety

*Swamp Thing-Water-Multiple Episodes

*Insatiable Fight w/Lead

*The Outsider-Stunts/Multiple Episodes

**Doctor Sleep-Fight w/Lead
** Hell on the Border-Water Safety

**Welcome to Pine Grove-Water Safety
*Doom Patrol-Water Safety-Multiple Episodes
*Now We Here-Stunt Driving
*Stranger Things-Underwater Stunt Rigging-Water Safety-Driving-Multiple Episodes
**Emperor-Stair Fall-Acting
*The Haunting of Hill House-Fight w/ Lead
**Mary-Water Safety
**Bottle Girl-Water Safety
*Cobra Kai-Water Safety
*Good Girls-Water Safety-Multiple Episodes
**Peanut Butter Falcon-Water Safety-Camera Boat Driver

*Red Blooded
*Living The Dream-Stunt Fight
*Valor-Water Safety
**BOO 2-Water Safety
*Underground-Water Safety
*MacGyver Season 1 -Water Safety- ND Stunts-Multiple Episodes 

*MacGyver Season 2-Water Safety-ND Stunts-Multiple Episodes 

*Outcast-Water Safety-Fire Safety-Stunt driving-Multiple Episodes 

**Acrimony-Water Safety
**Hap and Leonard-Water Safety-Camera Boat Driver 

**Father Figure
*Satisfaction-Water Safety-Camera Boat Driver-Multiple Episodes
*Red Road-Water Safety-ND Stunts-Multiple Episodes
*The Originals-Water Safety-ND Stunts-Multiple Episodes
*The Walking Dead-Water Safety-ND Stunts-Multiple Episodes
**Birth of a Nation -Stunt Fights
**Triple 9-Driving
*If Loving You Is Wrong-ND Stunts-Multiple Episodes
*Halt and Catch Fire-Fight w/ Lead-Acting
**Table 19-Water Safety
*Game of Silence-Water Safety-Multiple Episodes 

*Rectify-Water Safety-Multiple Episodes 

**Fast 5-Fight w/ Leads
**Scary Movie 5-Water Safety
**The Bay-Water Safety

*Life As We Know It-Water Safety
**The Patriot-Fights
**Dumb & Dumberer-Water Safety- ND Stunts 

**Analyze This-Stunt Driving

**Road Trip-Water Safety-Driving
**Sons of Thunder-Fights
**Universal Soldier/The Return
**The Rage Within-Car Jump
*CSS Huntley
**Major League III
**The Love Letter
**In Dreams-Water Safety-Driving
*Racism PSA -Fight
**Die Hard III-Subway Scene
*Savannah-Multiple Episodes
*The Client-Water Safety
**Bastard Out of Carolina-Fight
**The Expert-Fights w/ Lead
**The War-Water Safety
**Skip Tracer-Motorcycle Laydown 

*Consenting Adults-Driving
**Westown-High Fall-Horse work-Saddle Fall 

**Ben 10-Ratchet
**Last Song-Water Safety
**Pet Semetary II -Driving
**Cell-Fight w/ Lead-Acting

*RoboCop II
**RoboCop III
**Free Jack
**Carolina Skeletons-Water Safety 

**Black Snow

**Jayne Mansfield’s Car-Water Safety

*A Little Faster-Rachet-Music Video  

**Hail Mary-Stunt Rigging
**Always and Forever

**The Family That Preys-Water Safety 

**American Summer
*Outkast-Driving-Music Video
**Good Cop Bad Cop-Fights

*Prop Guard-Water Safety

*Papa John’s Pizza-Driving 

*Shenandoah-Sword Work

*Police Training Film-Driving


*Partners-Horse Work
*Houston Knights-Fights
*Heat of the Night-Multiple Episodes
**Occhio Pinocchio-Driving
*Stren Fishing Line-Multiple Commercials-Fights 

*PM Magazine-Fight
*Southern Accents-Hang Gliding
*AutoRama-8 Ramp to Ramp Car Jumps
**Run Ronnie Run-Repelling-Acting
**Hustle and Flow-Fight w/ Lead
**One Missed Call
**Walker Payne-Driving
**Madea’s Family Reunion-Stunt Rigging
*Unnamed Paranormal Project-Water Safety

**The Yellow Birds-Water Safety

**Features, *Television, Commercials, Corporate Films

SAG / Atlanta local

Nominated to the Commercial Divers Hall of Fame
Nominated for SAG award for outstanding performance by a stunt ensemble in a television series

Nominated for SAG award for outstanding performance by a stunt ensemble in Motion Pictures

Youngest Dive Supervisor in the history of the largest commercial dive company in the world

World Class Full Contact Karate Sparring Partner

Designed Illusions for some of the Top Magicians in The World

Commercial Diver (15 years) 

SDI Dive Master

Swim Team Coach

Water Safety Instructor

All around stuntman with all expected abilities 

Over 200 Underwater videos shot for Exxon, Shell, ABS, Lloyds of  London and many others

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195 

Hair: Salt and pepper 

Eyes: Hazel 

Coat: 44R 

Pants: 33-32 

Shirt: 17 1/2 -33)

Live performances too numerous to mention

Additional credits available upon request (ie acting, special effects, set construction, stunt rigging)
Watercraft: jetskies, jet boats, pontoon boats, ski boats, jon boats, canoes, kayaks.